HGH Pens for Sale: Your Ultimate Guide

  Genotropin GoQuick is Pfizer’s newest presentation of rHGH in an easy-to-use injection pen. The pen contains lyophilized powder and bacterialstatic water in separate sections that are automatically combined prior to injection.

310 patients were asked to rate the ease of use of the device at their first treatment session, 3 months into treatment and after 6 months of use. The hardest steps identified were premixing and removal of trapped air.

What is the Genotropin GoQuick pen?

Genotropin is a human growth hormone delivered via an auto-injector pen. It is designed for patients who want to take the hassle out of administering their growth hormone treatment.

Genotropin comes in a single dose pre-filled pen in both 5mg and 12mg presentations. The pen has two chambers, with GENOTROPIN in powder form in the top chamber and a diluent for mixing in the bottom. The diluent is contained in the cartridge and the GENOTROPIN is automatically mixed when you use the pen for the first time.

     The GENOTROPIN GoQuick pen has a display that shows your remaining injections and the current dose size. If the display reads 0 or a number that is lower than what you have set, it means that the Pen is nearly empty of its diluent. Contact your healthcare provider to get a new Pen.

A common error that can occur when using the GENOTROPIN GoQuick is turning the injection button too far while setting your dose. This can cause the needle to become stuck inside the pen and will prevent you from releasing the dose. If this happens, gently tap the metal front part of the pen with your finger to move any trapped air to the top.

The majority of patients found that the Genotropin GoQuick pens, Mixer, and MiniQuick syringes were easy to use at the onset of treatment. They also found that storing the pen, travelling with it while traveling, and injecting Genotropin were all relatively easy as well.

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The Genotropin Go Quick pen is a disposable pre-filled injection for human growth hormone treatment. It consists of a two-chamber cartridge that contains the powdered medicine and the liquid diluent for mixing. This is then sealed in the reusable Pfizer reconstitution device, GENOTROPIN Mixer, or in the disposable multidose pre-filled pen, GENOTROPIN GoQuick. It is recommended that you follow the Instructions for Use that come with your medication each time you prepare and inject GENOTROPIN to ensure that it is properly mixed and administered. Ideally, it should be used in the evening as this is when growth hormones are naturally produced by your body.

To assess ease of use, 310 patients and their parents were asked to rate their perception of difficulty with each of the 9 steps of preparing and using the Genotropin Go Quick pen at the beginning of treatment, 3 months into treatment, and after completing 6 months of the treatment. They were asked to rate each step on a scale of very easy, easy, neutral, challenging, or difficult.

The hardest steps were premixing the Genotropin, removing trapped air, and attaching the needle guard. However, the majority of patients found the remaining steps of storing and transporting Genotropin Go Quick very easy throughout the duration of their treatment. They also felt that they received adequate instructions on how to use the pen, with 99.6% reporting that they were instructed by pharmacists, 98.8% by physicians, and 99.6% through supplemental videos.

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What is it designed for?

Genotropin Go Quick is the newest presentation of Pfizer's Human Growth Hormone (hgh) in a pen format. This product is known as an easy-inject pen because it is super easy to set up and inject. The genotropin pen contains a lyophilized powder and the diluent in separate compartments and they are combined together through a simple 3 step process. It comes in a variety of colors and is very easy to use.

It is important to read and understand all instructions for the Genotropin pen or injection syringe before starting your HGH therapy with this medication. If you have questions ask your doctor or pharmacist. This medication may need to be stored in the refrigerator. Always keep it out of the reach of children. If the needle is removed from the pen it should be thrown away into a sharps disposal container or puncture proof medical waste container.

If you are having trouble with your Genotropin Go Quick, point the needle away from your body, press and hold the injection button until numbers reappear on the dose display window and continue preparing your dose. The problem could be caused by a dirty pen, liquids or genotropin leaking, or the injection button may have been turned in the opposite direction of the arrow while setting your dose. This will not affect your results.


Why costomers should chose it ?

Genotropin Go Quick is a Pfizer brand HGH pen designed to make it easier for people with GH deficiency to self-inject their medication. The pens are pre-filled with a mixture of lyophilized powder and sterile solution that is automatically mixed in the pen before each use. The dose is displayed on the pen window for ease of administration. The pens are easy to learn how to use and have a very high success rate for patients.

A randomized clinical study examined the relative ease of use and preference for the new disposable vs reusable pen in treatment-naive children and adults ages 2-18 years undergoing GH treatment. Participants were asked to grade the difficulty of each of 9 steps involved in preparing the Genotropin Go Quick pen at the start of treatment, 3 months into treatment, and after 6 completed months of treatment. The difficulty was rated on a scale of very easy, somewhat easy, neutral, challenging or difficult.

GENOTROPIN pens contain the active medication in two separate compartments; the lyophilized hormone is in one chamber and the bacteriostatic water in another. The pen is easily opened by removing the cap and pushing the red release button to reset the pen and open the dose display window. Once the dose is read, the pen is turned into position to combine the two compartments and inject the medication into the body.